Morgan Delt
Trouble In Mind
Street: 01.28
Morgan Delt = Simon and Garfunkel + The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band + White Fence
Though this album might call to mind Morgan Delt’s contemporaries like Ty Segall and Tim Presley—perhaps even their collaborative effort, Hair—there is something much more methodical taking place on this record. Delt makes acid rock reminiscent of the ’60s without garage, punk or western influences. Instead, he channels a darker, mystic element with classical pop vocals of the ’60s, like a warped version of John Lennon singing from an opium den in the Middle East. Acid rock like this isn’t splashing its colors, but rather, it’s letting them drip slowly and seep into your eardrums, becoming more of a journey than a backyard romp. “Obstacle Eyes” is a prime example of Delt’s ability to maintain rhythm while taking listeners on a trip and proof that there are still musicians heavily influenced by the past, who are smart enough to reinvent the music. –Justin Gallegos