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Review: Mos Generator – Electric Mountain Majesty

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Mos Generator

Electric Mountain Majesty


Street: 04.15

Mos Generator = Spirit Caravan + Sabotage-era Black Sabbath + Dopes-era Monster Magnet

This is a heavy-duty power trio taking a distinctly ’70s boogie route (the “Rocky Mountain Way?”) into newer doom territories. I hear shades of Mountain and Grand Funk Railroad throughout the rhythm section, but the standout here is the guitar/vox combo of Tony Reed, straining Wyndorf, Wino and the cautionary lilt of Ozzy’s cocaine years into a wailing assault that can kinda wedge itself into into any ol’ genre.

A swaggering monster of a record, replete with 10 excellent cuts spanning the gamut of heaviness and all its subsets, Electric Mountain Majesty’s finest moment may be the bombast of “Enter the Fire,” which pits soft-sung verses against a deafening chorus for a breathtaking effect. It’s completely fantastic all around, suitable for varying degrees of metallers from beard-bloggers to full-on longhair acid casualties. It all fits, maaaaan. –Dylan Chadwick