Review: Mourning Coup – Baby Blue

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Mourning Coup
Baby Blue

No Sun Recordings
Street: 08.17
Mourning Coup = Beats Antique + Crystalrœses + M.I.A.

Dark, ethereal electronic beats backed by echoing vocals are what make up this experimental album by Mourning Coup. The artist clearly channels elements of nature in the music, as various animal sounds or wind-like flutes are strewn throughout the background of nearly every track on the album. The music is solemn—almost weepy—and filled with a lot of emotion, which is a quality that can be felt on first listen. Though the album is nearly impossible to find—any Google search resulted in almost solely photos of Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s daughter—but once (or if) you find it, it’s worth a listen. –Julia Sachs