Review: Myrkur – M

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Street: 08.21
Myrkur = Agalloch + Darkthrone

This talented, one-woman black metal outfit has returned from the depths of the Danish forests with her first full-length, and I’m damn glad she did. While she is still responsible for most everything on the album (except drums), this album includes collaborative cameos from some of black metal’s heavy-hitters, like Teloch of Mayhem and production from Garm of Ulver. The album’s tracks are an interconnected story of transformation with Nordic mythology–inspired motifs. Musically, the style is a beautiful weaving of second-wave black metal, folk, medieval and even classical and post-metal elements. Clear, layered vocals create a choir-like tone, a perfect narrative guide through an ethereal landscape—her unique soprano voice fits the black metal vocal tradition like a glove. 
–Megan Kennedy