Neon Indian
Mom + Pop
Street: 04.09
ERRATA ANEX EP  = David Guetta + Chromatics
The first three tracks on ERRATA ANNEX are very dancy and clubbish-sounding. They all have the same idea, with similar tempos and distorted clips of Neon Indian over heavily remixed original instrumentals. If you aren’t paying attention during these first three, you won’t even notice a transition; they all sort of blend together into one long 15-minute mash-up. The last two remixes feature artists Actress and Twin Shadow, and this is where the EP changes up a bit and gets a little more interesting. Actress’ interpretation of “Blindside Kiss” gives the original a sexy, slow, lo-fi feeling. The beat is simple and the vocals are quiet, and they never take the attention away from each other.  Twin Shadow finishes off this set of makeovers with his version of “Hex Girlfriend,” where essentially George Lewis, Jr. takes Alan Palamo’s song and makes it drip with Twin Shadow sound. If you’re a fan of remixes, you’ll probably like this a lot more than if you’re a fan of Neon Indian.