Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

Review: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Push the Sky Away

Bad Seed Ltd.
Street: 02.19
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds = Leonard Cohen + Cave/Ellis soundtracks

Push the Sky Away initially accompanied Nocturama on my list of Nick Cave disappointments. Upon repeated listening, it seems that much of my disappointment had to do with expectations for—or interest in—something different. Blame Grinderman. The lyrics could be stronger, by Cave standards, though only a few lines are repellant—mostly the first verse from “Mermaids.” Musically, the album is often quite pretty and textured with the use of tape loops and rumbling bass, comparable at times to Cave’s soundtrack compositions with fellow Bad Seed, Warren Ellis. Nick Launay’s production is wonderfully warm and makes superb use of the soundstage, creating an intimate space for the listener to absorb one of Cave’s quieter works, one that grows in appeal over several listens. While I feel that a bit more time could have been spent in the revision stage, Push the Sky Away is very good, and worth hearing, as an established Bad Seeds fan or newcomer. –T.H.