Nick Weaver Yardwork

Review: Nick Weaver – Yardwork

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Nick Weaver Yardwork

Nick Weaver

Street: 01.06
Nick Weaver = Macklemore + The Pharcyde

Nick Weaver is a nice guy. He raps about how much he loves his family. It comes from the heart and I respect that, but I don’t listen to rap to have my heartstrings pulled. I’ve got Joni Mitchell for that. If you’re the kind of person that finds the majority of rap offensive, however, this album may be perfect for you. Weaver is a capable rapper. His beats are far too monorhythmic and get their funk from Garfunkel samples, but they still manage to be somewhat memorable. Still, I have no use for rap this safe–rap doesn’t only need to be stripper jams or about trapping, but it does need to be complicated, polyrhythmic and soulful. –Dan Vesper