Night Club
Night Club EP
Gato Blanco Records
Street: 09.11.12
Night Club = Frankie Goes To Hollywood + Icona Pop
As soon as I listened to Night Club’s debut, I immediately decided it sounded almost identical to that Flight of the Conchords’ song “Fashion is Danger.” So in other words, I’m comparing it to a comedy group. The duo does a good job of making fast-paced synthpop beats, but doesn’t provide a memorable edge. The first song on the album, “Control,” gives a decent first impression, with its electronic style and sexualized lyrics that are catchy but not well written. I found myself wondering if iTunes was stuck on auto repeat after a few songs, because the beats were so similar and the lyrics seemed to stay on the same subject. If this were the ’90s, I could see Night Club being popular, but alas, it’s 2013, and if I wanted to hear this kind of music, I could just pull up Cyndi Lauper and be happy.