Darkly Near
Metropolis Records
Street: 10.22.13
Noir = Spahn Ranch + Black Tape For A Blue Girl + Earthshock!
When I first put this CD in, I realized I had heard this particular sound before. Earthshocks!’ “Fallen Angel” immediately came to mind. It appears Athan Maroulis has dipped deep into his musical career history and has gifted us with nostalgia. With his very distinctive voice, he floods your mind with memories from days of yore. This release is packed with archaic, simplistic synthesized sounds reminiscent of the ’80s. My favorite track is “The Grifter”—it has a pulsating BPM higher than the other tracks—allowing more energy to flow on the dance floor. I also look forward to hearing the spin that Assembiage 23 and Ego Likeness have put on the remixed track “My Dear.” The remaining dark tracks provoke the cobweb-clearing dance movement, which is a bit too “goth” for me. I do know that those who are truly black at heart will love it. –Mistress Nancy