Nude Pop

Splintered Selves EP

Fake Record Label

Street 04.02

Nude Pop = Neon Trees + Death Cab For Cutie

After listening to this album a few times, I was reminded of bands like The Killers. With its slower pacing and alternative edge, this band produces a smooth EP that accurately represents the sound of the Pacific Northwest by using classic rock instruments to create a laid-back and relaxing sound. The first track on the album, titled “A Dream,” has a good guitar portion and the vocals complement the sound well. The other tracks on the album keep a similar tempo as the first one, but blend together a little too well. Overall, the group is very good, but does not provide anything sonically to make them particularly memorable or set them apart from other artists in their genre. However, this is a great album if you’re into slow alternative rock with a pop edge, and just want to chill out in your bedroom. –Julia Sachs