Angelic Dread

Hells Headbangers

Street: 06.24

Nunslaugter = Carcass + Necrophagia + Splatterhouse

Seeing how Nunslaughter’s sound has influenced death metal in noticeable ways over their long-spanning career, their new album shouldn’t let us down, and by golly, it doesn’t. I could go on and on about the wonders contained in this traumatizing sonic adventure, like the second CD of re-recorded classics which complements the new material on the first. I’ll just mention a couple choice cuts. “Crush the Guff” is a two-minute, premium-grade diatribe garnished with grinding guitars and gurgling vocals, liberally drizzled in an offensive-smelling slurry. “The Bog People” is an ’80s horror movie formatted to fuck up your speakers, featuring a few of the Bog People themselves on guest vocals. “Angelic Dread” causes extreme discomfort, yet turning it off would give you throbbing FOMO. It’s like that Flower of Flesh and Blood movie. An unsettling fascination gestates within the shocking obscenity, and you end up sitting through the entire thing … and on some sick level, liking it.