Split 7”
Hells Headbangers
Street: 06.26
Nunslaughter = Midnight + Nifelheim + Nekrofilth
Antiseen = The Murder Junkies + Motörhead + Speedwolf
After my initial thought of “What the fuck?” regarding Nunslaughter and Antiseen releasing a split 7”, I immediately realized how much sense it actually makes. Nunslaughter is one of my personal favorite bands, and pairing their sleazy brand of death metal with the sheer nihilism and grime that is the punk outfit Antiseen is absolutely brilliant. Of course, Antiseen is probably one of the only bands that Nunslaughter haven’t already done a split of some sort with. Regardless, the two Antiseen tracks on this beautifully grotesque slab are pure, filth-ridden, up-tempo punk rock, and they complement the fly-blown death metal of Nunslaughter perfectly. While neither band is doing anything new—for themselves or for their respective genres—they are two of the best at what they do. –Gavin Hoffman