Canabible Ohio EP
Black Gladiator/Slovenly Recordings 
Street: 04.23
Obnox = Death + Wolvves + Misfits
Canabible Ohio is a bizarre trip through hip hop, soul, punk and gospel filtered through a decrepit tape deck and speakers shot to shit. Even though these songs (all covers:  Urinals, McCoy, Gaunt, Kings James Version) are completely disparate, there is enough cohesion in one-man-band Bim Thomas’s approach to each that keep them all on the same page. Each song is under meters of grimy, lo-fi, always-in-the-red production that add a layer of distortion to rippers like “Flying” and “I’m a Bug (Bugged Out).” Added grime to the cheap drum pad and squealing organ on the mid-tempo, hip hop track “Deep in the Dusk (Redux)” works, creating a jarring, occasionally brilliant EP. One nation under grime. –Ryan Hall