Triple Crown Records
Street: 08.20
O’Brother = Isis + Thrice
Hailing from Atlanta, Ga., O’Brother are a five-piece sonic powerhouse. Fans of Thrice and Manchester Orchestra will probably recognize them as the openers that stole the show during their last few, respective tours, particularly notably opening for Thrice’s recent farewell tour. Disillusion marks their sophomore effort, following up their 2011 debut, and it’s one damn fine step forward. Slower than Garden Window, much more brooding and somber, it harkens back to the mood on their EP, The Death of Day, with all of the same, beautifully heavy three-guitar soundscapes that they’ve become known for. It isn’t as easy for me to settle on a favorite as it was when I first heard “Lay Down” or “Lo,” but this isn’t an album made for singles either. “Parasitical” almost does the trick, but I recommend starting from the beginning and enjoying the whole ride. It’s well worth it. –Matt Brunk