Obscure Burial
Invictus Productions
Street: 09.15
Obscure Burial = Nihilist (Sweden) + early Mayhem + Sadistik Exekution

This is a neat, little release from Finland’s death dealers, Obscure Burial. Epiphany can be considered a demo, both in its rough production, length and the grim cover artwork, yet it could stand up to many of the studio albums from major labels that I’ve heard this year. The vocals have a slight delay on them, giving them a ghoulish, inhuman quality (think Deathcrush by Mayhem). “Night Queen” starts with guitar feedback and then builds into a bestial onslaught of fast black/death, uncut and straight from the heart. No melodies here, friend: just buzz-sawing bass lines like the one in the intro to “Dweller In The Abyss,” nauseating guitars (the good kind) and blasting drums. Tremelo riffs and chugs adorn the album in humble doses, and put bluntly, I’m thoroughly impressed. When I’m at the dinner table this Thanksgiving and that certain brother-in-law asks me what I’m thankful for, I’m going to toss a copy of this album over to him and let it speak for me. –Alex Coulombe