My Friends Never Die EP
Street: 09.17
Odesza = Ratatat + Pantyraid
My Friends Never Die is a testament to this duo’s growth as music makers. Hauntings of their first release, Summer’s Gone, are definitely ringing in the background of this newest collection of songs, but these two producers have taken their own sound and put a completely new twist on it. Whereas Summer’s Gone gave way to the more mellow side of things, MFND is supplemented with bouncier bass and trippier effects, but still manages to keep a solid grasp on Odesza’s winning formula of vocal samples layered over catchy, danceable beats. Once you have listened to the first and title track of this free EP, you will hear exactly what I’m talking about and the rest will remind you of exactly why you started (or should start) listening to these guys. –Carl Acheson