Of Feather And Bone & Reproacher
Split 7"
Crown and Throne Ltd.
Street: 05.02.14
Of Feather And Bone/Reproacher = High On Fire + Crowbar

Split releases are a great way for a record company to get more music into the world. They are also great for fans to get exposed to a variety of bands. You know—more bang for your buck. However, it doesn’t work as planned when both bands sound almost completely identical (so much so that I had to make sure that the bands had a different vocalist … they do). With that said, it doesn’t mean this release isn’t any good. Of Feather And Bone, as well as Reproacher, use the dynamic of fast/slow in incredible ways. Their technical execution of high-octane death and thrash metal beats with speed-picked guitar parts is extraordinary, and the placement of the slower, down-tempo parts are very well thought out. Really, the only difference between the two is that Reproacher add more odd/dissonant chord progressions at times. Overall, great execution, but minimal originality. –R.G.B. Robb