Denovali Records
Street: 02.17
Origamibiro = Sea Wolf + Shouting Matches + Joe Pass
It’s impossible to place a genre on this album. It’s a collaboration of three members who are all multi-instrumentalists of varying styles. The album Collection consists of three projects, each with different ideas in mind. One thing I was in awe of was the sampling done in the project Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks. Samples of the guitarist’s creaking chair, sounds of his breath and the squeak of the wood in the guitar were implemented in the songs. It gave a very personal and intimate feel to the album. There were also very experimental (albeit repetitive) tracks to cleanse the palate. Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks is intimate, and the sound evolves into a deep and resonating sound in Shakkei. The third project consisted of remixes, which were fun to listen to. This album is a lengthy novel in comparison to the norm and is something that should be listened to intently rather than as an accompaniment. –Arnold Hsu