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Review: Orrin Campbell – Nocturnal

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Orrin Campbell



Street: 12.07.13

Orrin = Chris Travis + SpaceGhostPurrp

Orrin Campbell, an 18-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, recorded this debut album in his NYU dorm. It’s downtempo hip hop set to atmospheric spacey beats—call it minimal seapunk, if you like. “Insomnia” and “Blue Dreams” (both featuring △) are standout tracks; both have a lighthearted dystopian video game vibe going on. The other eight tracks are seductive, dark and mysterious, though the album ends faster than one would expect. Although it’s not as spooky as Purrp, as sexy as The Weeknd or innovative as LE1F, Nocturnal is a promising debut from a talented young artist. –Christian Schultz