Dither Down Records
Street: 01.21
Orthy = Craft Spells + Washed Out
Ian Orth’s edits, meant for Austin’s electro dance Learning Secrets, ended up as the four songs on this EP and are typical electro-pop of the moment—but I feel as if there’s nothing super enticing or even pleasantly generic about them (though a Baio remix of the title track provides a nice twist on the EP’s singular sound). Orth’s vocals are subdued and dreamy amidst his songs, which are love songs written for his wife. “Take the City” is the greatest track here, which sounds pleasantly like the kind of vulnerable love songs that Craft Spells or Wild Nothing are known for. Though the tracks will keep people on their dancing feet, I hope that there are plans for a more developed full-length in the future for Orthy. –Christian Schultz