Oskar Buie Bare EP album cover.

Review: Oskar Buie – Bare EP

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Oskar Buie

Bare EP


Street: 05.16

Oskar Buie = Eric Burdon + Muddy Waters

This little EP is something I have found to be rather charming. Before going any further, let me say: I can freely admit my skepticism when this kind of music drifts through my speakers, as I tend to fear something false and lacking. However, Oskar Buie and co-vocalist Julia Lelis have something going here, for they blend the right amount of soulful and longing vocals into their indie-type blues to make this interesting.

There’s a sound that respects the roots of the music they profess, and it exudes no faux coffee shop humility or pretension. Rather, they offer a glimpse into a certain authenticity that is worthy of a long lineage that narrates the blues. The talent is here, and it has the possibility to bloom, but only time will tell, so start with the track “Devils Game” and let’s see where this goes. –Nick Kuzmack