Painted Palms
Polyvinyl Records
Street: 01.14
Painted Palms = (Cut Copy + STRFKR) / The Strokes
Painted Palms’ debut EP, Canopy, saw its release in 2011 and was later discovered by of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes. After gaining momentum from touring with them and STRFKR, Painted Palms has released a stellar LP, which sounds as vintage as it does modern. The vocalist for Painted Palms, Christopher Prudhomme, writes and sings melodies that call to mind The Beatles on title track “Forever,” a fuzzy version of The Zombies on “Carousel,” and the influence of Brian Wilson is heard throughout the album. What surrounds the vintage melodies is what sets this LP apart. Producer and cousin Reese Donohue creates uptempo, strange pop that defies categories rather than defining them. Each song has its own identity—mostly percussion-driven with a lot of bells—and exists in its own realm of sound while remaining completely accessible. Forever walks a fine line between retro and futuristic, and by doing so, brings relevance to modern music. –Justin Gallegos