Pale Blue
The Past We Leave Behind
Street: 04.14
Pale Blue = Chris & Cosey / The Field / Suzanne Ciani
If the Voyager 1 space probe recorded the audio pulsating out of the clubs dotting the “Pale Blue Dot” of a planet it photographed 25 years ago, it might sound something like The Past We Leave Behind. True to the album’s name, the sounds herein are reflective of the state of electronic music in the late ’80s/early ’90s, yet boldly leave tradition behind and look ahead to the future. The first release from Omnian Music Group’s label Two Mikes Records—a Mike Sniper and Mike Simonetti joint venture—The Past We Leave Behind trades in a range of electronic styles, from lush soundscapes indebted to dream pop to the sublime techno found on “The Math.” What Pale Blue (Simonetti and Silver Hand’s Elizabeth Wight) accomplish is an understated yet multi-faceted project of genteel electronica. –Christian Schultz