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Review: Part 1 – Funeral Parade

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part 1 funeral parade album coverPart 1
Funeral Parade

Sacred Bones
Street: 04.14
Part 1 = Rudimentary Peni + Crass + Specimen

In the midst of the London anarcho-punk scene, Part 1 gained favorable recognition in the brief time they spent as “England’s Ultimate Cult Deathrock band.” Scoping through morbidly atmospheric guitar riffs and anti-religious lyrical themes, Part 1’s one and only release—a 7” titled Funeral Parade—has been resurrected and digitally restored in all its ominous, aesthetic glory. With echoing synthesizers similar to sound effects you’d find in a gothic art-house film mixed with heavy, distortion-fueled guitar work and ghastly lyrical enterprise, the result is a truly unnerving experience from start to finish. Rightfully deserving of their cult following, Part 1’s unrepentant delivery of their unsettling mix of all things macabre makes Funeral Parade an anarcho/deathrock marvel. –Eric U. Norris