Pawns or Kings
Pomme De Terre
Street: 07.25
Pawns or Kings = Passenger + Mumford & Sons
Pawns or Kings is a group of indie folk Missourians, who appear to be in the melting pot of words—or languages, that is—nestled away in the Midwest. The French-titled album, Pomme De Terre, is accompanied by sets of instrumental songs, catchy folk tunes, and Spanish lyrics on tracks like “Wandering.” They live up to classic folk artistry—a good song, with an even better voice. Pomme De Terre is a statement record; that Pawns or Kings can deliver 10 solid, original tracks to accommodate folk fans across the board. Where some songs lack speed and excitement, they certainly don’t lack talent, especially on the banjo. Pawns or Kings have established that they have talent, but I’d like to see the energy in “Light Over the Ridge” be spread over the album as a whole. –Lizz Corrigan