Peach Kelli Pop
Burger Records 
Street: 04.21
Peach Kelli Pop = Soko +
Architecture In Helsinki + Talulah Gosh

Peach Kelli Pop has given me a few cavities with III—their off-set pop and high energy is like mixing Pop Rocks, WARHEADS and Juicy Fruit till they gum together. It’s a short sugar high, as the album is less than a half hour, but it’s easy to fix by pressing repeat. These songs are contagious and capture that vivid ’90s and late ’80s nostalgia, especially the strangely bittersweet memories brought up by “Princess Castle 1987” and “Sailor Moon,” a totally perfect cover of the Sailor Moon theme that is relaxed, fun and cute. “Shampoo” is the best shower song because it’s relevant, revitalizing and makes showering fun, plus singing along with Allie Hanlon’s voice on this song is especially cleansing and uplifting. Peach Kelli Pop don’t take themselves too seriously, but the music is all well-crafted by Hanlon, which makes for easy and light listening. There’s no particular category for Peach Kelli Pop, but they’re sweet twee, throwback power girl-pop, and just overall sugar and spice. 
–Taylor Hoffman