Self-Titled EP
Republic Records
Street: 09.30
Phantogram = Purity Ring + Cults – ½ STRFKR
It’s been a good two years since the Nightlife EP, and four years since Eyelid Movements, so, of course, fans have been salivating for anything new. Much like an appetizer before the main course, this New York duo threw us an EP while we impatiently wait for the release of Voices. There’s no real pretense here: All four tracks have been plucked from the new full-length, with the main single, “Black Out Days,” being the standout with its infectious chorus and striking rhythm. But the other three, while good in their own ways, just blend together and sound as if they’re lacking passion. It’s not bad, but it isn’t great, and it just makes you question why they bothered to do this EP anyway. Unless you’re a collector or you really need the single now, save your cash for the full-length. –Gavin Sheehan