Pillar Point

Review: Pillar Point – Marble Mouth

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Pillar Point
Marble Mouth

Polyvinyl Record Co.
Street: 01.22
Pillar Point = Animal Collective + Kitsune + Sgt. Pepper–era The Beatles

The second studio album from Throw Me the Statue’s Scott Reitherman, Marble Mouth captures the melancholic, eclectic soul of the Pacific Northwest in an album. The Seattle-based artist uses synthesizers and his own echoing vocals to create an album full of discotheque-inspired tracks that bring the listener back to the sound of the ’70s and ’80s. The highlights on the album include “Touch,” with repeating lyrics like “I can’t wait / I can’t wait for your love,” over a bass- and synth-heavy disco beat, as well as “Dreamin” and “Diamond Mine.” Fans of any electronic music made before 1990 will find solace in this gem. –Julia Sachs