Pillar Point
Polyvinyl Records
Street: 02.25
Pillar Point = Hot Chip + Phoenix
Pillar Point is a new dance-pop project formed by Scott Reitherman of Secretly Canadian band Throw Me The Statue (indie-poppers keen to hand claps and toe taps; see “Lolita”). Though this debut album explores the glum themes of uncertainty and heartbreak, the songs are catchy and buzzing with danceable synth hooks and hummable pop structures. There’s a happy resemblance to singers like Thomas Mars and Alexis Taylor in Reitherman’s voice, and in his musicianship as well. The glossy sheen draws you in, but the closer you get, the more weary you’ll find the lyrics—mature and poignant reflections on the kind of synthesized lives we are ever more giving in to. –Christian Schultz