Pink Frost

Review: Pink Frost – Gargoyle Days

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Pink Frost
Gargoyle Days

Smart Like Virus Records
Street: 12.04.15
Pink Frost = Wild Nothing + Explosions In The Sky

I used to find new music by searching the record shop for the best album art—and if I were still finding music that way, I would naturally have come to own Gargoyle Days. The music might not be as psychedelic as the cover suggests, but Pink Frost’s strong style of pulsing verses, heavy choruses and deep, grooving bass lines still had me rocking out. Vocals lead nine solid tracks atop a crunchy mix of bass, guitar and drums, and for the most part, Pink Frost deliver quick, controlled chord progressions, like in “Voices.” Tracks like “This Time” slow things down a bit, and while the band can certainly get groovy, some songs begin to edge on repetitive. Gargoyle Days covers a lot of ground and carries a lot of energy—don’t be surprised if you can’t stop tapping your foot! –Alex Blackburn