Review: PINS – Wild Nights

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Wild Nights

Bella Union
Street: 06.08
PINS = Koala Temple + Savages + PJ Harvey

Following up on their rock solid debut Girls Like Us, PINS’s newly released Wild Nights joins it as something of a lengthy album, eleven songs strong, each with infectious, darkly-lined rhythms alongside a few pleasant pop tracks like “Young Girls” and “Dazed By You.” Standout tracks are “Oh Lord” and “Too Little Too Late,” droll and easy till they plunge into spirals of dizzy, psyche-influenced mayhem. PINS has that bright, metallically resonating reverb mastered and down pat, which has a habit of transforming me into some ghost girl who wants only to disappear quietly into the excellent noise. It somewhat resembles the tunes of Austin-based Annabelle Chairlegs, who more heavily employ psychedelics but contain the same soulful weight. This album is accessible, well-produced, intense, and cool. Definitely worth some quality time spent. –Erin Moore