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Review: Pneuma Hagion – Trinity Demo

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Pneuma Hagion – Trinity Demo

Pneuma Hagion
Trinity Demo

Nuclear War Now!
Street: 09.02
Pneuma Hagion = Coffins + Portal + Winter

San Antonio’s Pneuma Hagion is a one-man project from R, who’s been a part of an impressive amount of bands but has done most of his metallic work in Intestinal Disgorge, an ever-changing, gory and gross-out death metal band. He fine-tunes his death metal skills with the three songs contained on this demo. Most of the time, the pace is ludicrous speed with low-end guttural vocals that offer some of the best death metal—lyrical decipherers might have to take some time to figure the lyrics out. Then there are the doomy dirge portions. The purpose behind it all is dark, intense atmosphere. The riffs are blurred with speed and dissonance. It’s easy to hit the repeat button for this one just for its thrill. There isn’t anything catchy about it, and there isn’t supposed to be. It’s a grizzled, chaotic trio of death hymns. Here’s to more to come from Pneuma Hagion. –Bryer Wharton