Death Chorus

Rise Records

Street: 11.19.13

Polar Bear Club = Misser + Title Fight

While initial damage-control over the album focused on the less-harsh style Jimmy Stadt now uses due to throat wear after the last few albums, it’s not the vocal delivery that leaves this album weak and wilting. Aside from the truly awful “Siouxsie Jeanne,” it’s not an offensively bad album, but there isn’t much here that wouldn’t be filler on another album. While Clash Battle Guilt Pride had bite in every note, it’s hard to find the tiniest bit of tooth in Death Chorus—even with a title that should arguably have led to one of their hardest releases yet.

“Blood Balloon” starts out promisingly enough—poppy and fun—but from there it’s downhill into a full album of vague and unremarkable songs. Sure, it’s not as bad as the new Saves The Day, but it’s still a toothless, uninspiring bore. –Matt Brunk