Portion Control
I Staggered Mentally
Dark Entries
Street: 02.24
Portion Control = Cabaret Voltaire + Skinny Puppy
Some music sounds good in the background—this is best straight-up in your face and turned up loud. This reissue from 1982 was originally released on In Phaze Records, a label probably best known for putting out some of The Legendary Pink Dots’ early material. In fact, the Dots put out a split cassette with Portion Control back in 1983 called Pre Release. I Staggered Mentally is the sound I wish “Industrial” music had stayed with, instead of falling into the guitar-driven noise popularly heard with bands like NIN and Ministry. An original copy of this LP would probably set you back at least $65, so this album is a welcome release for people that like hard, drum-machine, synthesizer-driven music. –Mort Kilgore