Problems That Fix Themselves 
Which is Worse 
Already Dead Tapes 
Street: 11.11.14 
Problems That Fix Themselves = Sigur Rós + David Lynch + Goldie 

This album comes from a record label that boasts specializing in small editions. Limited to 300, this recording starts out with the first three songs having a nice auricular instrumental aura. Side A wraps up with the only vocal track and reminds me of an Icelandic version of “In Heaven” from the Eraserhead soundtrack. Flipping the record, I felt that something went horribly wrong. Suddenly, I was listing to some bad, ’90s-sounding, jungle drum/ drum-n-bass crap that had nothing to do with the sonic vibe on the rest of the LP. It redeems itself by going back to organ-infused ambient noise. If they’re asking Which Is Worse? I say side B. –Mort Kilgore