Psyclon Nine
Order Of The Shadow: Act l
Metropolis Records
Street: 11.12.13
Psyclon Nine = Velvet Acid Christ + Hocico + Alien Vampires
Oh, the terror! This release is full of hard, heavy, head-banging metal and aggrotech beats. I loved the gritty, grinding, nasty guitar riffs. It is disappointing that they are mixed in with overdone, scratchy, screaming vocals that make you want to tear your skin off. I love the samples and the haunting background projection sounds that are mixed in on the track “Come and See.” The actual singing instead of screaming on “The Saint and The Valentine” shows me the vocalist actually does have talent. I think that this entire release would have been better if it was entirely instrumental—I hope they try something different on the vocals for their next project. Luckily, this glamorous group has the looks to carry them. Honey, if you are not going to use that voice of yours properly, please, just sit there, look pretty and keep your mouth shut. –Mistress Nancy