Purity Ring 
another eternity 
Street: 03.03
Purity Ring = ODESZA + Keys & Krates + Flume
The latest release from the Canadian duo is amazing—it really is. It’s the perfect album to listen to while staring at the ceiling just soaking it all in, pretending to be able to relate to the melancholy and heartbreaking lyrics. Vocalist Megan James’ haunting words pair beautifully with the heavy synth beats created by producer Corin Roddick, and another eternity exceeds any expectations that fans of the duo’s previous releases had (at least mine). Every track on the album impressed, with highlights like “repetition,” “heartsigh,” “begin again” and “sea castle.” With lyrics like “watching me is like watching a fire take your eyes from you / Hope it isn’t repetition / Though that’s the only thing that keeps and takes you,” another eternity may be one of my favorite albums of the year. (Depot: 05.18) –Julia Sachs