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Review: Puscifer – Money Shot

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Money Shot

Puscifer Entertainment

Street: 10.30

Puscifer = (Maynard + Boot Electric + Devo) / Calexico

As the only certified Tool fan at SLUG Magazine, I have to say—don’t give me another Lateralus, give me another Money Shot. Through and through, this album is a solid example of what Maynard’s side project has to offer. A hybrid of A Perfect Circle‘s Thirteenth Step and Puscifer’s V for Vagina and Conditions of My Parole, the peppery drums and solitary, discordant guitars say it all. Songs like “Simultaneous” beg the listener to crawl closer to the music and watch it breathe. For the diehard Tool fan, there is still something to offer: “Money Shot” with its aggro-rhythm and Opiate-styled vocals bring the nostalgia on hard. Give up, it’s never going to happen, so let’s have more of this. Can we please just have more of this? –Alex Cragun