Held in Splendor
Kemado Records
Street: 01.28
Quilt = The Growlers + Broken Bells
Quilt is the epitome of psychedelic rock. Shane Butler, Anna Rochinski and Taylor McVay keep it simple with the basics: evocative vocals, drums and a variety of string instruments (acoustic and electric guitar and banjo). Following Quilt’s first self-titled album, Held in Splendor had a tough act to follow. Held in Splendor tackles more of the psychedelic sound than Quilt with fading and twanging guitar riffs. Quilt keep it cool and psychedelic, but drive their rock essence to its peak. They incorporate classic guitar solos that build in electric guitar shreds. The eccentric sound and haunting vocals tend to turn the rock sensation into a folky mood (“Talking Trains”). Held in Splendor has not only leveled up with Quilt, but perhaps one-upped it. –Lizz Corrigan