Eolian Empire

Street: 12.03.13
RABBITS = INVDRS + Zulu + Jesus Lizard
Droney and distorted, the Portland trio RABBITS know how to hastily slap an album together. Live renditions, unreleased songs and other shit characterize the album. The production value of most of the live songs isn’t great, but who fucking cares? This album is trash—beautiful, sexy, grinding-against-your-leg trash. The band lacks a bass player, but you wouldn’t know with the fat, distorted thumps throughout the album. Here is the best part: After nine tracks of original material, RABBITS take quite a risky move with nine covers of classic punk songs. Negative Approach (my favorite), Bikini Kill and Minor Threat relive in these renditions. I have nothing but praise for these covers—RABBITS manage to own these songs, bending and twisting them into original shapes. Bring your shovels, people—it gets pretty sludgy. –Alex Cragun