Review: Raccoon Fighter – Spiral Flag EP

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Raccoon Fighter
Spiral Flag

Papercup Music
Street: 07.24
Raccoon Fighter =T. Rex + The Beatles + Ty Segall

I’ll admit to some initial skepticism when checking out this one, but that feeling of doubt has quickly subsided because of the infectious nature of Raccoon Fighter’s new EP. These guys are upbeat, groovy and have produced something that one can actually move to. Their charming Spiral Flag EP is a testament to this notion, as it is a charmingly addictive concoction of the fundamentals of the fuzz-filled psychedelic rock n’ roll sound coupled with a soulful, glam-inspired vocal style that is reminiscent of Marc Bolan. Though, after a few listens, I find this EP is a definite tease with only the five tracks, so right now, I’ll have to make do with the expectation for something more. That said, start off by digging the up-tempo “I’m So Proud” and the weirdly calming “Mr. Cool,” and then digest the rest of it—you’ll be glad you did. –Nick Kuzmack