Rachel Taylor Brown
Penury Pop Records
Street: 05.06
Rachel Taylor Brown = Sally Seltmann + Laurie Anderson
I think I can label this album as singer-songwriter, alt-chick rock music with a piano and sometimes other instruments, but perhaps I’m dismissing this as something that it’s not. The lyrical themes touch on a family and how that serves as a source for comfort and identity, despite how complicated and frustrating they are. Although the production and singing come from a place of talent and cohesion, the album came across as juvenile to me, like in “Robin,” a cute song-story of an innocent little girl saving a bird, later with the theme repeating itself in the interlude, “Bird.” “Litany of the Family” came across as the most experimental and most enjoyable song for me, as the monk-like singing and a capella humming encapsulated the monotony of church-going families being boring and holding hands, smiling and holding a newborn ad nauseam. –Brinley Froelich