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Review: Radioactivity – Silent Kill

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Silent Kill

Dirtnap Records

Street: 06.30

Radioactivity = Sharp Objects + Miscalculations + Death

Radioactivity’s second album, Silent Kill, is brilliant, and it’s painfully obvious in an earth-shattering, orgasmic-like way 50 seconds into the first track, “Battered.” Silent Kill represents the impeccable elements of punchy power pop through an electrifying current of electro-punk desperation.

This album is the epitome of that which lacks filler. So, that said, I need to pick out top tracks to start out with for your consideration. While this is difficult, before reading on, be sure to have the volume turned up to the capacity of ear-splitting levels.

Then give “Silent Kill,” “No Connection” and “Pretty Girl” a listen, and press repeat to the point of bloody exhaustion. Afterward, go through the other tracks with impunity, and providing you still have the ability to hear, keep this one constantly spinning. –Nick Kuzmack