Ramona Lisa
Street: 04.15
Ramona Lisa = Space Project + St. Vincent / Little Dragon

Chairlift frontwoman, Caroline Polacheck, frequents an alternate universe known as Arcadia, inspired by European landscapes and the intricate beauties of insects. Her solo debut is an invitation to explore this realm, her offering of worthy art in the form of music. When you listen to a song like “Planet Health” on Chairlift’s debut album, it’s not hard to see Polacheck’s evolution to Ramona Lisa. However, the wanderings in space are more abstract on Arcadia. The entire album was made on a laptop, with no organic instruments. A line from “Getaway Ride” gives a look into her motivations: “When no one’s looking, I’ll take the easy way out.” If you’re bored with reality, fiction is your great escape. You can trade your name for an alternate personality, and tell a story that only this invented person could realize. They’re mostly love songs, but they’re infectious, and I’m hooked. –Justin Gallegos