…Honor Is All We Know

Epitaph/Hellcat Records

Street: 10.27.14

Rancid = Operation Ivy + UK Subs + The Vandals

It’s ideal that Rancid’s first studio effort since 2009 starts off with “Back Where I Belong,” with its chorus chanting “I’ve been gone way to long, now I’m back where I belong!” I can honestly say that …Honor Is All We Know is up there with …And Out Come the Wolves as one of Rancid’s most substantial albums. “Collision Course” hits with some nostalgia as it calls back to their raw, street punk sound, “Evil’s My Friend” gives their ska listeners something to dance to, and “Malfunction” has a chorus that fans will scream out of their car windows. The title track is the one that stands out the most—with guitar melodies that match the expressive and hopeful lyrics sung by each member. Not only is this one of Rancid’s best albums I’ve heard in years, it’s also proof that Rancid is still hammering with ferocity.—Eric U. Norris