Ratos de Porão
Século Sinistro
Alternative Tentacles
Ratos de Porão = Heresy + World Burns to Death / Appalachian Terror Unit

For thirty years, Ratos de Porão have been releasing solids. Século Sinistro is another notch in their musical belt. Nearly 40 minutes long, this album straddles crossover thrash of the ’80s and the modern hardcore being pumped out by Twitching Tongues and Code Orange Kids. It’s a violent mess, but with a radical political message that I can’t fully translate (it’s in Portuguese). If I were to make an educated guess, they’re talking about the corrupt government of Brazil. My favorite song on the album is “Sangue e Bunda,” the pig squeals and guitar work are straight out of crust legend’s Doom’s playbook. These guys did a brief tour in the US earlier this year and came nowhere near Utah, but if they do in the near future, I’ll be first in line.
–Alex Cragun