Red Hare

Nites of Midnite

Street: 05.21


Red Hare = Swiz + Burning Airlines + Jawbox

“Don’t want to not fit in in the wrong way” sings Shawn Brown on Red Hare’s debut, kicking style over substance square in the balls. Nothing less should be expected of a punk veteran like Brown, or the rest of Red Hare. Although technically a debut, Red Hare is essentially Swiz/Sweetbelly Freakdown with a new drummer, the raging Joe Gorelick (Bluetip). With that pedigree, expectations are high and Red Hare delivers the album you want. Not only are the musicians spot on, but Nites of Midnite is a joint release between Hellfire and the indomitable Dischord with mixing by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). It’s the way post-hardcore should sound in 2013, meaning not sounding like it was recorded in a tin can. The sounds are current, but Nites of Midnite gives you the same feeling you had the first time you heard Repeater or Can I Say. –Peter Fryer