Biters – Electric Blood

Review: Biters – Electric Blood

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Biters – Electric Blood

Electric Blood

Earache Records
Street: 08.07
Biters = The Boys + Sweet

Electric Blood is no doubt Biters’ sincere testament to the romantic notions of wanderlust and youthful defiance. Listeners should take care to dig this theme, seeing as it’s a relevant illustration of a generation’s inherited frustration toward societal shallowness and its loving nostalgia for the past. In their own unique flair, Biters comment on this nostalgia via brilliant yet cutting lyricism, all while blasting out the electric, razor-sharp riffs that define their electrifying rock n’ roll sound. The top numbers in this essential collection of tracks are “1975,” “Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll,” “The Kids Ain’t Alright” and “Low Lives in High Definition.”  After dropping the needle and giving this a spin, I’m sure you, too, will be a hopeless romantic with starry ideals—god knows we need more of that sort. –Nick Kuzmack