Review: Carpathian Forest – We’re Going To Hollywood For This DVD

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Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hollywood For This DVD


Seasons of Mist
Carpathian Forest = Satyricon + Dark Throne + Bethlehem + Dissection


From Norway, Carpathian Forest play black metal. Not interested yet? What about seeing them live? Still not interested? What about the nude dancers they have come out on stage during every show? I knew it- you perverts. Keep reading. Don’t sell this band short, because this is in my opinion (which is fact, of course) the BEST black metal band ever. Yes, you read that right. Fast, despondent, dark- the way it should be. Now, you get to see it all on DVD. This is a loaded disc, featuring lengthy live concerts, interviews, videos and loads of bonus features. Not only is their music worth it, this dvd is worth it. It’s not often black metal bands let people peer into their lives like this, so take advantage while you can.


This review originally appeared in Butcher’s Block, February 2005, Issue 194.