Review: Cyness – Loony Planet/Industreality CD

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Cyness - Loony Planet/Industreality CDCyness
Loony Planet/Industreality CD

Sound Pollution


I haven’t been into grindcore since the glory days of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Assuck. I guess I got sick of the constant barrage of noise in my old age and started listening to much catchier music in the way of 80s hardcore punk. Now that 80s-style hardcore punk is being redone and redone to death, it’s back to the grindcore for making people think I’m a scary loser. Now’s the perfect time, since Napalm Death just released their best album since Utopia Banished, and Germany’s CYNESS sounds just like that era of Napalm Death, including the utterly brutal vocals and utterly brutal mosh parts. Of course, CYNESS doesn’t have the recording budget that Napalm Death has, but it works to their advantage considering that they’re more connected to the DIY hardcore punk scene than the grandpas of grindcore. CYNESS doesn’t do anything unexpected for the genre of grindcore, they just do it as solid as I’ve ever heard it.


This review originally appeared in Wasted Life, May 2005, Issue 197.